arviz.from_emcee(sampler=None, var_names=None, slices=None, arg_names=None, arg_groups=None, blob_names=None, blob_groups=None, index_origin=None, coords=None, dims=None)[source]#

Convert emcee data into an InferenceData object.

For a usage example read Converting emcee objects to InferenceData


Fitted sampler from emcee.

var_nameslist of str, optional

A list of names for variables in the sampler

sliceslist of array_like or slice, optional

A list containing the indexes of each variable. Should only be used for multidimensional variables.

arg_nameslist of str, optional

A list of names for args in the sampler

arg_groupslist of str, optional

A list of the group names (either observed_data or constant_data) where args in the sampler are stored. If None, all args will be stored in observed data group.

blob_nameslist of str, optional

A list of names for blobs in the sampler. When None, blobs are omitted, independently of them being present in the sampler or not.

blob_groupslist of str, optional

A list of the groups where blob_names variables should be assigned respectively. If blob_names!=None and blob_groups is None, all variables are assigned to log_likelihood group

coordsdict of {strarray_like}, optional

Map of dimensions to coordinates

dimsdict of {strlist of str}, optional

Map variable names to their coordinates