InferenceData.to_netcdf(filename, compress=True, groups=None, engine='h5netcdf', base_group='/', overwrite_existing=True)[source]#

Write InferenceData to netcdf4 file.


Location to write to

compressbool, optional

Whether to compress result. Note this saves disk space, but may make saving and loading somewhat slower (default: True).

groupslist, optional

Write only these groups to netcdf file.

engine{“h5netcdf”, “netcdf4”}, default “h5netcdf”

Library used to read the netcdf file.

base_groupstr, default “/”

The group in the netCDF file where the InferenceData is will be stored. By default, will write to the root of the netCDF file

overwrite_existingbool, default True

Whether to overwrite the existing file or append to it.


Location of netcdf file