arviz.from_dict(posterior=None, *, posterior_predictive=None, predictions=None, sample_stats=None, log_likelihood=None, prior=None, prior_predictive=None, sample_stats_prior=None, observed_data=None, constant_data=None, predictions_constant_data=None, warmup_posterior=None, warmup_posterior_predictive=None, warmup_predictions=None, warmup_log_likelihood=None, warmup_sample_stats=None, save_warmup=None, index_origin=None, coords=None, dims=None, pred_dims=None, pred_coords=None, attrs=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Convert Dictionary data into an InferenceData object.

For a usage example read the Creating InferenceData section on from_dict

posteriordict, optional
posterior_predictivedict, optional
predictions: dict, optional
sample_statsdict, optional
log_likelihooddict, optional

For stats functions, log likelihood data should be stored here.

priordict, optional
prior_predictivedict, optional
observed_datadict, optional
constant_datadict, optional
predictions_constant_data: dict, optional
warmup_posteriordict, optional
warmup_posterior_predictivedict, optional
warmup_predictionsdict, optional
warmup_log_likelihooddict, optional
warmup_sample_statsdict, optional
save_warmupbool, optional

Save warmup iterations InferenceData object. If not defined, use default defined by the rcParams.

index_originint, optional
coordsdict of {strlist}, optional

A dictionary containing the values that are used as index. The key is the name of the dimension, the values are the index values.

dimsdict of {strlist of str}, optional

A mapping from variables to a list of coordinate names for the variable.

pred_dimsdict of {strlist of str}, optional

A mapping from variables to a list of coordinate names for predictions.

pred_coordsdict of {strlist}, optional

A mapping from variables to a list of coordinate values for predictions.

attrsdict, optional

A dictionary containing attributes for different groups.

kwargsdict, optional

A dictionary containing group attrs. Accepted kwargs are:

  • posterior_attrs, posterior_warmup_attrs : attrs for posterior group

  • sample_stats_attrs, sample_stats_warmup_attrs : attrs for sample_stats group

  • log_likelihood_attrs, log_likelihood_warmup_attrs : attrs for log_likelihood group

  • posterior_predictive_attrs, posterior_predictive_warmup_attrs : attrs for posterior_predictive group

  • predictions_attrs, predictions_warmup_attrs : attrs for predictions group

  • prior_attrs : attrs for prior group

  • sample_stats_prior_attrs : attrs for sample_stats_prior group

  • prior_predictive_attrs : attrs for prior_predictive group