arviz.to_cds(data, var_names=None, groups=None, dimensions=None, group_info=True, var_name_format=None, index_origin=None)[source]#

Transform data to ColumnDataSource (CDS) compatible with Bokeh.

Uses _ARVIZ_GROUP_ and _ARVIZ_CDS_SELECTION_ to separate var_name from group and dimensions in CDS columns.


Any object that can be converted to an az.InferenceData object Refer to documentation of az.convert_to_inference_data for details

var_namesstr or list of str, optional

Variables to be processed, if None all variables are processed.

groupsstr or list of str, optional

Select groups for CDS. Default groups are {“posterior_groups”, “prior_groups”, “posterior_groups_warmup”}

  • posterior_groups: posterior, posterior_predictive, sample_stats

  • prior_groups: prior, prior_predictive, sample_stats_prior

  • posterior_groups_warmup: warmup_posterior, warmup_posterior_predictive, warmup_sample_stats

ignore_groupsstr or list of str, optional

Ignore specific groups from CDS.

dimensionstr, or list of str, optional

Select dimensions along to slice the data. By default uses (“chain”, “draw”).


Add group info for var_name_format

var_name_formatstr or tuple of tuple of str, optional

Select column name format for non-scalar input. Predefined options are {“brackets”, “underscore”, “cds”}

  • add_group_info == False: theta[0,0]

  • add_group_info == True: theta_posterior[0,0]

  • add_group_info == False: theta_0_0

  • add_group_info == True: theta_posterior_0_0_

  • add_group_info == False: theta_ARVIZ_CDS_SELECTION_0_0

  • add_group_info == True: theta_ARVIZ_GROUP_posterior__ARVIZ_CDS_SELECTION_0_0



  • tuple: (dim_info, group_info)

    • dim_info: (str: .join separator, str: dim_separator_start, str: dim_separator_end)

    • group_info: (str: group separator start, str: group separator end)

Example: ((“,”, “[”, “]”), (“_”, “”))

  • add_group_info == False: theta[0,0]

  • add_group_info == True: theta_posterior[0,0]

index_originint, optional

Start parameter indices from index_origin. Either 0 or 1.

bokeh.models.ColumnDataSource object