arviz.output_notebook(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Wrap func:bokeh.plotting.output_notebook.

Configure the default output state to generate output in notebook cells

when show is called. Note that show may be called multiple times in a single cell to display multiple objects in the output cell. The objects will be displayed in order.

resources (Resource, optional) :

How and where to load BokehJS from (default: CDN)

verbose (bool, optional) :

whether to display detailed BokehJS banner (default: False)

hide_banner (bool, optional):

whether to hide the Bokeh banner (default: False)

load_timeout (int, optional) :

Timeout in milliseconds when plots assume load timed out (default: 5000)

notebook_type (string, optional):

Notebook type (default: jupyter)




Generally, this should be called at the beginning of an interactive session or the top of a script.