static InferenceData.from_netcdf(filename, *, engine='h5netcdf', group_kwargs=None, regex=False, base_group='/')[source]#

Initialize object from a netcdf file.

Expects that the file will have groups, each of which can be loaded by xarray. By default, the datasets of the InferenceData object will be lazily loaded instead of being loaded into memory. This behaviour is regulated by the value of az.rcParams["data.load"].


location of netcdf file

engine{“h5netcdf”, “netcdf4”}, default “h5netcdf”

Library used to read the netcdf file.

group_kwargsdict of {str: dict}, optional

Keyword arguments to be passed into each call of xarray.open_dataset(). The keys of the higher level should be group names or regex matching group names, the inner dicts re passed to open_dataset This feature is currently experimental.

regexbool, default False

Specifies where regex search should be used to extend the keyword arguments. This feature is currently experimental.

base_groupstr, default “/”

The group in the netCDF file where the InferenceData is stored. By default, assumes that the file only contains an InferenceData object.