arviz.output_file(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Wrap bokeh.plotting.output_file().

Configure the default output state to generate output saved

to a file when show() is called.

Does not change the current Document from curdoc(). File and notebook output may be active at the same time, so e.g., this does not clear the effects of output_notebook().


filename (str) : a filename for saving the HTML document

title (str, optional) : a title for the HTML document (default: “Bokeh Plot”)

mode (str, optional)how to include BokehJS (default: 'cdn')

One of: 'inline', 'cdn', 'relative(-dev)' or 'absolute(-dev)'. See bokeh.resources.Resources for more details.

root_dir (str, optional)root directory to use for ‘absolute’ resources. (default: None)

This value is ignored for other resource types, e.g. INLINE or CDN.




Generally, this should be called at the beginning of an interactive session or the top of a script.


This output file will be overwritten on every save, e.g., each time show or save is invoked.