Diátaxis for ArviZ#

ArviZ documentation has the Diátaxis as a North Star.

There are however some specificities to ArviZ case and knowing Diátaxis alone is not enough to be able to understand ArviZ doc structure and correctly place new content pages within it. At the same time, having a basic understanding of Diátaxis is needed to understand this page and the content structure in ArviZ docs.

These are:

  • Multiple target audiences and documentation goals

  • Strong visual component

  • Work in progress

Multiple target audiences#

Diátaxis is a framework based around user needs in their exercise of a practical craft (more detail at diataxis:needs page in Diatáxis website).

The scope of the ArviZ website however is not limited to ArviZ users nor it is limited to practical crafts like using ArviZ or contributing to it.

After careful consideration, we decided to split the website into three components: two practical crafts, using and contributing (each of which follows Diátaxis independently of the other) and general information about the ArviZ project, it’s people, community, marketing info… which can nor should follow the Diátaxis framework.

Strong visual component#

ArviZ is a library with a strong visualization component. This translates for example into some duplicity when it comes to reference content.

Both the Example gallery and the API Reference pages are reference content. The API reference indexes by name and contains the description of each object, whereas the Example Gallery indexes by image and to avoid excessive duplication, links to the respective API page.

This allows users who know the name of the function or who want to check the options available for the function they are currently using to quickly find it in the API reference while also allowing users who know how a plot looks but don’t know their name nor the right ArviZ function to find it in the Example Gallery.

Work in progress#

In addition, ArviZ documentation itself and the application of Diátaxis to it is still an active work in progress. That means that some pages will not match what is described in Documentation content structure because their updating to enforce Diátaxis is still pending.