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"""Input and output support for zarr data."""

from .converters import convert_to_inference_data
from .inference_data import InferenceData

[docs] def from_zarr(store): return InferenceData.from_zarr(store)
from_zarr.__doc__ = InferenceData.from_zarr.__doc__
[docs] def to_zarr(data, store=None, **kwargs): """ Convert data to zarr, optionally saving to disk if ``store`` is provided. The zarr storage is using the same group names as the InferenceData. Parameters ---------- store :, MutableMapping or str, optional Zarr storage class or path to desired DirectoryStore. Default (None) a store is created in a temporary directory. **kwargs : dict, optional Passed to :py:func:`convert_to_inference_data`. Returns ------- A zarr hierarchy group containing the InferenceData. Raises ------ TypeError If no valid store is found. References ---------- """ inference_data = convert_to_inference_data(data, **kwargs) zarr_group = inference_data.to_zarr(store=store) return zarr_group